Sweet Deliverance - Blueberry & Sunflower Butter Granola


Sweet Deliverance presents BLUEBERRY + SUNFLOWER BUTTER GRANOLA, expertly crafted by Hudson Valley's Kelly Geary. Packed with antioxidant-rich dried blueberries and creamy sunflower butter, this signature blend of extra crunchy puffed millet and amaranth offers a nutritious delight. Free from major allergens and refined sugars, it's a love-infused, wholesome treat for all.


Ingredients: *Gluten Free Rolled Oats, *Steel Cut Oats, *Buckwheat Groats, *Millet, *Golden Flax, *Amaranth, *Chia Seed, *Coconut Sugar, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Maple Syrup, *Pink Salt, *Sunflower Seeds, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Hemp, *Quinoa, *Puffed Millet, *Puffed Amaranth, *Sunflower Butter, *Ginger, *Cinnamon, *Freeze-Dried Blueberry Powder, *Dried Blueberries (*Organic Ingredients)


Female Founded. Earth Friendly. 

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