Pretty Tasty Tea - Raspberry Collagen Tea


Who knew sipping your way to radiant skin could be so delightful? Introducing Pretty Tasty Tea's Raspberry Radiance, an enchanting collagen tea blend that combines sun-kissed raspberries with the nourishing power of 10 grams of collagen peptides. This iridescent black tea doesn't just tantalize your taste buds; it elevates your beauty ritual, helping you look and feel your very best. Let each delicate infusion transport you to a world of pure delight as collagen works its magic from within, giving you glowing skin, lustrous hair, and more. Revel in the mesmerizing drop of Pretty Tasty Tea and embrace the allure of radiant beauty!

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Collagen Hydrolysate, Tea Essence, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Carrot and Blackcurrant Juice for color, Stevia Leaf Extract


AAPI Founded. Female Founded. Gluten-Free. 

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