Power Up Foods - Double Chocolate Brownie


Introducing Power Up Foods—where indulgence meets a caffeinated kick! Say hello to our decadent brownies packed with as much pep as your morning cup of joe but with a twist. Crafted with green tea caffeine for that sustained energy boost without the jitters or the dreaded crash, these treats are a game-changer. Say goodbye to refined sugar and soy; they are all about that clean energy kick without any jiggers in sight!

From the first bite, you'll wonder why you haven't had these delights sooner. Energize your day with a flavorful boost that's as tasty as it is energizing.


Ingredients: almond flour, coconut sugar*, water, coconut oil*, chocolate chips* (organic cacao. organic coconut sugar, organic coconut butter), cocoa powder. flaxseed*, vanilla extract, green tea caffeine, baking soda. *indicates organic


Female Founded. Chinese Founded. Vegan. Gluten Free. 

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