Potluck - Ssamjang


Elevate your culinary experience with Potluck SSAMJANG, a Korean concentrated no-cook sauce that perfectly balances savory funk and sweet heat. Ideal for dipping, drizzling, and dabbing, it adds bold flavor to everything from grilled meats and raw veggies to bibimbap and dumplings. Crafted with no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors, this vegan sauce offers a taste of Korean home, inspired by the joy of gathering over a good meal. Try Potluck SSAMJANG and make every meal a celebration.

Ingredients: Gochujang (Red Pepper Powder, Sticky Rice, Fermented Soybean Powder, Malt, Salt), Doenjang (Soybeans, Salt), Sesame Seed Oil, Perilla Seeds, Garlic


Vegan. Dairy-Free. Female Founded. AAPI Founded. Earth Friendly. 

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