Pop and Bottle - Matcha Green Tea Oat Milk Latte


Hold tight to your mugs for the ultimate stress-relieving and immunity-boosting elixir from Pop and Bottle—their Matcha Green Tea Oat Milk Latte. Crafted with house-made oat milk, ceremonial grade matcha, a touch of sweetness from dates, and powered up with functional mushrooms, this isn't your ordinary latte; it's your daily sip with added perks.
Founded and led by a team of passionate women—who are mothers, wives, and unabashed coffee enthusiasts—Pop and Bottle redefines your latte experience. Enjoy a delicious brew that's not just a treat for your taste buds but a wellness boost carefully crafted by empowered women, for your daily delight.


Ingredients: oat milk* (water, oats*), dates*, coconut MCT oil*, vitamin C, ceremonial matcha*, vanilla flavor*, Himalayan pink salt*, gum acacia*, green tea flavor*, green tea extract*, reishi*, maitake*, monk fruit*.



Gluten Free. Female Founded.

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