Patter Bar - Cherry Cacao Energy Bar


Introducing Patter Bars: meticulously crafted by a female-owned, family-operated Denver-based company obsessed with exceptional food. Revel in the addictive blend of not-too-sweet cacao and cherry flavors. Patter Bars promise purity: no "Natural flavors," additives, fillers, lab-created ingredients, added sugar, powders, extracts, isolates, sweetened fruit, or preservatives. Embrace the joy of honest ingredients and genuine taste with every guilt-free, wholesome bite.


Ingredients: Organic Medjool dates, unsweetened dried red tart cherries, organic chia seeds, fair trade organic cacao nibs, chocolate liquor (100% ground fair trade cacao nibs), fair trade non-GMO certified cocoa powder (100% ground cocoa), almonds, sea salt.


Female Founded. Gluten Free.

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