Bon Bon - Sour Elderflower Fish


Step into the enchanting world of BonBon, where each candy is a sweet homage to cherished memories! Since 2018, Bobby, Leo, and Selim have been on a mission to infuse Scandinavian charm across the US. Their Sour Elderflower Fish pays tribute to the homemade cordial lovingly crafted by their grandparents during Sweden's fleeting summer months, capturing the essence of tradition and nostalgia. BonBon promises an adventure for every palate. Let BonBon whisk you away on an elderflower-scented journey, where every bite is a taste of cherished memories! 🌼🐟


Ingredients: sugar, invert sugar syrup, water, glucose syrup, corn starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural flavor elderflower type, turmeric oleorecin (color), coconut oil, carnauba wax


Gluten Free. Vegan. Earth Friendly.

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