Bēēn Snacks - Sichuan Chili Bēēn Edamame Snack


Ignite your taste buds with Bēēn Snacks Sichuan Chili Edamame, their boldest flavor yet! These crunchy, spicy bites feature the heat of Sichuan chili and an umami finish from mala pepper. With three times the protein of almonds, fewer carbs than potato chips, and less sugar than granola, this snack is perfect for those craving a fiery kick. Elevate your snacking with Bēēn Snacks.

Ingredients: Kuromame [black edamame], mala chili powder, mixed spices, tapioca starch, paprika, monkfruit sweetener [erythritol, monkfruit extract].

Contains soy.

Vegan. Gluten Free.

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