Bēēn Snacks - Saharan Sesame Bēēn Edamame Snack


Elevate your snacking with Bēēn Snacks Saharan Sesame Edamame Snacks. These crunchy, savory bites perfectly blend toasted sesame and Saharan spices. With three times the protein of almonds, fewer carbs than potato chips, and less sugar than granola, Bēēn Snacks offers the perfect balance of nutrition and indulgence. Enjoy the subtly sweet and savory crunch in every bite.

Ingredients: Kuromame [black edamame], roasted sesame seeds, sea salt, tapioca starch, monkfruit sweetener [erythritol, monkfruit extract]. 

Contains Soy.

Vegan. Gluten Free.

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