Mid-Day Squares - Peanut Butta Protein Square


Mid-Day Squares are designed to stop your mid-day hunger and cravings. If you’ve ever got hit with afternoon hunger at work...if you’ve ever been on the run and had to delay lunch or dinner...if you’ve ever felt guilty, after eating that “insert secret here”… Mid-Day Squares were made for you.

Perfectly designed to stop your hunger or cravings in between meals. Each Square is packed with Clean Plant Protein, Real Chocolate & Superfoods. Busta Peanut includes 12 grams of protein.


Ingredients: Peanuts*, Unsweetened chocolate (processed with alkali)*, Cocoa butter*, Yacon syrup*, Gluten-free dehulled oat*, Maple syrup*, Date syrup*, Jerusalem artichoke powder*, Coconut sugar*, Hazelnut butter*, Brown rice powder*, Pink salt, Salt. *Organic 


Gluten Free. Vegan. Female Founded. AAPI Founded.

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