Hi Note - Cheezio Pepe Seasoning Mix


Say "hi" to Hi Note! These plant-based seasoning packets come from an industry-leader in taste and innovation. Named one of TIME 100's Most Influential People in the World, Chef Roy Choi has begun a new project: make the best quality ingredients fast, accessible, and plant-based.
The Cheezio Pepe Seasoning Mix is inspired by the classic Italian flavors of cacio e pepe. Combine with your cooked pasta of choice, and enjoy the bold flavors of cheezy umami, garlic, poppy seeds, black pepper and sesame... in just 12 minutes! Welcome to your new pantry staple.
The fun doesn't have to stop at pasta, though. Let your kitchen creativity take over, and add this seasoning mix to roasted potatoes, grilled veggies, salad dressing, meats, and more.

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