Driftaway Coffee - Espresso Blend Whole Beans


Introducing Driftaway Coffee, a female-owned brand committed to ethically sourcing freshly roasted coffee from small-scale farmers worldwide. Their ESP | Burundi Turihamwe and Guatemala Ella blend is 100% women-produced, offering a medium-roast espresso with delightful notes of lemon, caramel, and graham cracker.

The Burundi beans hail from a group of seven inspiring women in Ngozi, empowered through coffee farming, supported by JNP Coffee and the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. Together, they formed Turihamwe, meaning "together" in Kirundi, showcasing unity and success.

Driftaway Coffee not only delivers exceptional flavor but also champions the empowerment and collaboration of women in the global coffee industry. Enjoy the balanced harmony crafted by these remarkable women farmers with each sip of this exquisite espresso blend.

Ingredients: Coffee Beans.


AAPI Founded. Female Founded. Earth Friendly. 

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