Nemi - Pickled Jalapeño Cactus Sticks


Savor the perfect fusion of subtle heat and refreshing tang with Nemi Pickled Jalapeño. These cactus-based snacks deliver a delightful crunch, infusing your taste buds with the bold, beloved flavors of jalapeño and pickle. Inspired by a cherished family recipe for "chiles en vinagre," Nemi brings you a snack that balances the heat of jalapeño with the zesty tang of pickle for an irresistible and satisfying treat. Experience a new level of flavor with each bite, perfect for those who crave a little spice and a tangy twist.

Ingredients: blend of amaranth flour, organic cactus powder and pea protein, puffed amaranth, flax seed, chia seed, organic spirulina, rice flour, spinach powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cilantro seeds, citric acid, jalapeño chile powder, red chile powder, guajillo chile powder, salt, flax seed oil.


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