zzJali - Mango-Rama - 3.5 oz


Each year, 2.8 trillion pounds of food is wasted and, in Sub-Saharan Africa 95% of all food waste happens before it ever reaches a market. This is where Jali Fruit Co comes in. To preserve this abundance of fruit into delicious dried fruit snacks, the company provides and uses simple machines that work without electricity. Jali Fruit Co is making a BIG impact by empowering women farmers, providing higher daily wages, and diverting 108,000 pounds of waste! 

Enjoy these juicy dried mangos that are sure to make you feel "Jali" due to their natural ingredients and knowing that you are contributing to economic and environmental impacts for the people of Africa!

Ingredients: Sun Dried Mangoes

Earth Friendly. Gluten-Free. Vegan. Female Founded. 

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