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The weather is turning balmy and we're familiarizing ourselves with the bottom half of people's faces again. So you'll forgive us if we have the sudden urge to lay on a picnic blanket, stare up at the clouds, and rip open a huge bag of chips with a friend or two or four. Hot Girl Summer? More like Hot Chip Summer.

Actresses Ariana Venturi and Sophie Von Haselberg (behind the popular podcast  Having A Night) have curated the perfect snacks for you to enjoy during your nightly Chip Hour routine. What is Chip Hour, you ask? "It’s the celebration of the day being done and the night ramping up. The light is hitting all the right angles, dinner isn’t for a couple of hours, and you’re ready for a stiff drink and a salty snack. You may be thinking: 'Oh, so, Chip Hour is just...Cocktail Hour?' And you would be right… if Ms. Cocktailhour was still in her bathrobe with one hand stuck in a tube of Pringles. So take away the pretense, keep your lounge clothes on, and join us for a nightly ritual of life’s littlest, crunchiest pleasures."

DRINK. LAUGH. EAT CHIPS. Listen to Ariana and Sophie share their passion for eating, drinking, and throwing damn’d good dinner parties. Their roster of guests include Dorie Greenspan, Bon App’s Andy Baraghani, and Top Chef cookbook author Sheldon Simeon. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned professional, Ariana and Sophie will make you want to turn up the jams, bust out the spaghetti, rip open a bag of chips and have a F*CKIN’ night.

The Snacks: 

Price: $50.  Avail through June 21st. 

Listen Up!

Get comfy with your Chip Hour box and turn up Ariana and Sophie’s podcast Having a Night. You deserve it.

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