Fleur Marché - Sleep, Plz. Patch - 1 ct


Their mission at Fleur Marche is to help you think differently about cannabis. The cannabis of today looks very different from that baggie full of weed you remember from high school. Let us introduce you to a whole new way of using it, one that will make you feel better. Fleur Marche specifically deals with CBD, which doesn’t get you high, but delivers real wellness benefits for issues that range from daily irritants to debilitating burdens. They’ve done the research, distilled down the immense amount of information, separated fact from fiction, and developed concise, easy to understand content that tells you what you need to know when shopping for CBD. They sort through everything out there and curate a tight assortment of the best of the best. Of the thousands of CBD products out there, they’ll find you the only ones you need to know about.

Their Sleep Plz Patch will help give you the full night’s sleep you deserve, with a powerful blend of Melatonin + CBD.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol extract from hemp, Melatonin

Female Founded

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