Gift a "Rising Stars" Snack Box

Gift the newest emerging brands...and have them delivered to your friends + family's doorstep. Yes, we mean new to our shelves, but we also mean very new to market. 

We’re sort of known as the snack curators, so trust us, these snacks haven’t hit many shelves yet.

Think ... breadsticks that make you dream of Greece, a savory bar that will transport you to Japan, a perfectly not-too-sweet Cacao covered nut-butter Berets, a cereal that's as yummy as it is pretty, a gingery alcohol-free apéritif, and finally the perfect sized bar bytes. 

SNACKS included in the January box are:  French Squirrel [Sunflower Seed Butter Chocolate Beret], Cereal & Such [Marshmallow Cinnamon or Chocolate Cinnamon], Ghia [Ginger], Afar Bar [Japanese Miso], Yiayia and friends [Carrot Breadsticks], Byte Bar [Chocolate Chip] 🤤

  • Gift the goodness of GOODS. 

Recipients can expect to receive 5-7 full-size snacks.



** Subscription Gift - buy a subscription gift by the 15th of any month for someone and they will receive monthly boxes that will ship on the 15th**

** One-Time Gifts - purchase a one-time box for someone anytime and it will ship within 5 business days **

Thanks for supporting our store in NYC and for supporting the amazing emerging brands that will be filling the Rising Stars subscription snack box.



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