Casa Marrazzo - Corbarini Tomatoes


Step into the sun-soaked Mediterranean bliss with Mad Rose Casa Marrazzo Corbani Tomatoes! These delightful oblong-shaped cherry tomatoes transport your taste buds to the salty tang of the sea. With their bittersweet and saline flavor, they're a seafood lover's dream come true. Delicate and bursting with taste, these tomatoes are best savored fresh—whether topping bruschetta, adding zing to a quick tomato sauce, or being the star on your next pizza.
Casa Marrazzo, a third-generation family venture, encapsulates the essence of a generous and unique terrain. Each jar of these tomatoes is a repository of cherished values and memories passed down through generations. The Marazzo family's passion is a testament to their respect for the raw materials: tomatoes nurtured around the iconic Mt. Vesuvius, echoing the wisdom of their ancestors. Get ready to experience a taste of tradition, a slice of the Mediterranean, and a jar full of cherished memories in every delicious tomato!


 Ingredients: Corbanni cherry tomatoes of Italian origin, purified sea water.



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