When you want full coffee flavor, but only a little caffeine, THIS is the coffee for you! BuzzLite gives you the ideal dose - 10% of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, which founder Andrew Cooper settled on because it’s the same amount used for microdosing substances such as LSD and mushrooms. His thought process was, caffeine is another psychoactive drug. Instead of a jolt of caffeine, he is producing a blend ideal for good vibes, sustained energy, and avoiding jitters. You can still enjoy the taste, smell, and ritual of coffee, without the 2pm crash!

A hybrid of ethically sourced Colombian beans, this coffee is rich, sweet, and creamy with nutty, roasted flavors of toffee, milk chocolate, and mandarin. It works well as espresso or brewed coffee, any time of day or night. Roasted in Los Angeles, direct trade certified, sustainably sourced, and delivered in fully compostable packaging.

Gluten-Free. Vegan. 

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