Balanced Tiger - Cordyceps Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar


Introducing Balance Tiger Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: plant-based protein bars infused with 1500mg of functional mushrooms for both delicious taste and potent wellness benefits. Crafted in collaboration with leading food scientists, these bars offer convenience and nutrient density in every bite. Devour these bars like a tiger for a satisfying and effective snack that combines familiar flavors with the power of adaptogens.


Ingredients: *Brown Rice Protein, *Tapioca Syrup, *Almonds, *Dates, *Chocolate Chips (*Cane Sugar, *Chocolate Liquor, *Cocoa Butter, *Vanilla Powder), *Cocoa Butter, *Pea Protein, *Rice Flour, *Sorghum Flakes, *Natural Flavor, *Mushroom Powder (*Cordyceps, *Lion’s Mane, *Chaga, *Reishi), *Vegetable Glycerine, Sea Salt


Vegan. Organic. Gluten Free. 

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