ASKANYA Chocolates


Brown Sugar Chocolate - are you in? Meet Askanya, Haiti’s only premium bean-to-bar chocolate! Intrigued? We thought so. Not only does this chocolate taste rich and delicious, but Askanya is employing thousands of Haitian farmers and creating a sustainable income for them and their families.

Askanya’s Bouquet Vert Lime Chocolate blends the tart flavors of lime with creamy dark chocolate. It is the perfect tang to their sweet cause. 

Ingredients: Haitian Cacao, Lime Zest, Rapadou (Artisanal Cane Sugar)

Wanga Nègès is creamy and smooth, with a rich, chocolate taste featuring notes of caramel and dried fruit.

Ingredients: Haitian Cacao, Rapadou (Artisanal Cane Sugar), Milk, Cacao Butter

Gluten Free. Female Founded. Earth Friendly. BIPOC Founded. Black Founded.

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