FEBRUARY - Guest Curator for Good - Opal Tometi


We are honored to welcome human-rights activist, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, and recent Nobel Peace Prize nominee Opal Tometi as this month’s Guest Curator for Good.  A global icon, Opal has used her voice to ensure that race, immigration, and gender justice remain at the forefront of conversations around the world.

Her newest venture Diaspora Rising aims to serve as a support to the 21st century Pan Africanist movement, utilizing the latest technology to facilitate connectivity and exchange. 

“What many people don’t know about me is that I’m a snack fiend! I need to fuel myself for my high stakes days, but I’m also always testing the latest snacks on the market because I suffer from a lot of food sensitivities. I’m always on the hunt for most flavorful, allergy-friendly snacks! That’s why I loved curating this box of some of the best snacks that help keep me going while working on various human rights initiatives, whether it’s the launching of my latest initiative - Diaspora Rising, or connecting with entrepreneurs or advising on #BlackLivesMatter, it’s important that my energy is on point.”

Opal’s limited snack box features 10 BIPOC and/or female founded hand-selected snacks each gluten, dairy and corn-free with $10 going directly to Diaspora Rising. 


  • Ancient  Provisions – Cheddar Cheezish – single serve
  • Ashapop - Chili Lime  
  • Behave Gummy Bears – Sweet  
  • Brighter ACV tonic - Blood Orange
  • Golde - Matcha Turmeric
  • Inka plantain chips – Chili Picante  
  • It's Nola - Mango  
  • Mezcla  - Matcha Vanilla
  • Partake - Carrot Cake
  • Seedly Bar – Rose Cardamon


$40 worth of snacks + $10 towards Diaspora Rising

Snack Box is $60 shipping included

Available until February 28th 

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