TIA LUPITA Hot Sauce Chips


Tia Lupita Foods - Hector Saldivar, knows that Food is Love. His mother, known affectionately as Tia Lupita ("Aunt Lupita" in Spanish), filled the family kitchen with the love, laughs and tasty eats that brought everyone together The brand is named Tia Lupita to honor his mom and the legacy of the family recipe. 

Ingredients: Blend of Cassava Flour and Nopales Cactus, Sunflower or Safflower Oil, Tia Lupita Foods Hot Sauce Seasoning (Maltodextrin, Spices, Sea Salt, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Garlic Powder, Tomato Powder, Jalapeno Pepper, Onion Powder, White Distilled Vinegar, Paprika Extract, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Chile Pepper Extract, Stevia Extract,) Coconut Flour, Chia Seeds.

Gluten-Free. Vegan. Earth Friendly. BIPOC Founded. Latinx Founded.


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