SYMMETREE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


The Symmetree story begins with a desperate need for change. Co-founders, Mike and Justin, are athletes whose careers were ultimately cut short due to various injuries and poor nutrition. This propelled them into a life of research which resulted in the practice of healthier living. The two friends decided that it wasn’t enough to just live healthier; they wanted to share their accumulated knowledge and newfound passions with others. They began working diligently in the kitchen of their own homes to perfect a handful of food bar recipes. Through several years of trial and error and product development, they formulated something truly unique and special.

The bars are the cleanest dessert snack bar on the market. Mike and Justin are very picky about including the best of the best ingredients in their products: ie stoneground nut butters which digest better and include more nutrients. The bars have a small ingredient list, and pair really well with or without coffee.

This chocolate cookie dough bar combines creamy cashew butter, hazelnuts, coconut, vanilla and dark chocolate to create something truly out of this world. Dessert without the guilt!

Ingredients: stone ground cashew butter*, hazelnuts*, dates*, maple syrup*, ground flax seeds*, dark chocolate chips* (unsweetened chocolate*, coconut sugar*, cocoa butter*), coconut*, vanilla extract*, Himalayan salt. *organic ingredients.

Organic. Gluten Free. Vegan. Paleo. 

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