BRASSI Cacao + Coconut Oatmeal


Growing up, people preached the importance of a healthy, full balanced breakfast. Yet, most people opt for over processed bars, or skip the meal altogether. We’d like to introduce a breakfast option that is quick, sustainable, has a balanced macronutrient profile, and is delicious. 

Brassi, founded by college friends turned business partners Taylor Hurley and Jacqueline Sun, is an easy solution to the above problems. Developed in their college kitchen with the idea of helping their classmates develop easy, affordable, and healthier eating habits that can help set their futures up for success, Brassi makes a nutritious breakfast crafted from cauliflower oats, successfully hiding a vegetable in what tastes like normal oatmeal. Eating real, unprocessed food makes them feel best, and they want to share that with you!

Ingredients: Rolled oats, coconut  nectar, whole flax seeds, cocoa powder, rice protein, coconut flakes, freeze dried cauliflower, cacao nibs, himalayan pink salt

Vegan. Female Founded. BIPOC Founded.

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