12 TIDES Everything


12 Tides create ocean-friendly, organic kelp chips made with kelp from regenerative ocean farms. Co-founder, Pat, worked in the large-scale commercial seafood industry for a number of years and witnessed first-hand the negative impact of human activity on our oceans - from coastline destruction to overfishing to pollution. He started 12 Tides to find a better way for our food system to intersect with our oceans, starting with regenerative kelp. Kelp removes carbon from the atmosphere at a rate 20x land crops and is a 'zero input crop', meaning it requires no fresh water, arable land, pesticides or fertilizers. It's the ultimate climate-friendly ingredient, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ingredients: North American kelp, cassava flour, tapioca flour, sunflower oil, onion, tamari (soybeans, salt), kale, garlic, sea salt.  

Gluten Free. Vegan. Earth Friendly. Female Founded.

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