TidBits - Wild Berry Gummies


Parent-founded and kid approved, TiDBiTS were created as a healthier candy option that has the same nostalgia and addictive quality as those processed-sugar bombs of years past. Kristi and Dave experimented for over a year to create a gummy that tastes as delicious as the old-school candy they grew up on, but with an upgraded and modern twist they would want to enjoy with their own kids. A guilt-free, family-friendly treat that checks all the boxes for a truly better for you candy. All the flavor with none of the added bad stuff.
This addictive Wild Berry gummy is made with a tidbit of sugar & a whole lot of flavor. With only 4g of sugar for the entire bag and beneficial prebiotic plant-based fiber inside, you can enjoy these juicy gummies guilt-free. So go ahead, eat the whole bag.

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