Matchaful - Original Grain-Free Activated Matcha Granola


Matcha is more than just a tea, it’s a way of life. Let us convince you with this incredibly unique and earthy activated granola - which is completely free of grains, refined sugars, and rich in Vitamin A. The granola gets its green hue and powerful antioxidants from Hikari Ceremonial Grade matcha, grown in the hills of Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. This specific type of matcha is grown in a really special way: we know the exact farm that provided 100% of the matcha included in this granola (not a blend), and the necessary shade used in the growing process is provided by solar panels that generate power for nearby cities, not to mention it’s pesticide free and only uses organic food scraps as organic fertilizer that is  produced by the local community.

It’s mildly sweet with hints of walnut, lemon, and butter. It’s also got a ton of health benefits - high concentration of chlorphyll as a natural detoxifier, high concentration of L-theanine for calmness and focus, and packed with EGCg, which has been linked to faster metabolism, brain and circulatory health. It’s handcrafted in Soho, New York, and it’s activated, which means your body can absorb more of the nutrients. Enjoy with your favorite yogurt or milk as a superfood breakfast, or by the handful for a healthy snack! Have we convinced you to become a matcha enthusiast yet? Try it, you’ll see.

Ingredients: Hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw unsweetened coconut flakes, maple syrup, virgin coconut oil, matchaful hikari matcha, vanilla extract, coconut sugar, himalayan pink salt

Gluten-Free. Vegan. Female Founded

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