Ziba Foods - Gurbandi Heirloom Almonds - Raw


 Explore Heirloom Almonds - Gurbandi (Raw) from Ziba Foods! These almonds, grown in central Afghanistan using traditional methods, offer a sweet, mild flavor with a delightful crunch. They're perfect as a snack or for making almond milk, nut butter, and desserts.
Behind these nuts lies a commitment to fairness. Ziba pays upfront for the almonds, ensuring fair compensation without consignment or below-market prices. Additionally, Ziba empowers Afghan women, maintaining an 85% female workforce and providing year-round employment, English lessons, and industry-related training.
Savor these Gurbandi almonds, a delicious delight supporting ethical farming practices and the empowerment of Afghan women!


Ingredients: Almonds. 


BIPOC Founded. Gluten Free. Vegan. Earth Friendly. 

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