Ujjo - Hot Sauce For Coffee - Dark Roast Blend


You might think that hot sauce in your coffee sounds crazy, but we are here to tell you it’s anything but. In fact, once you try it, you’ll never believe what your coffee has been missing. Founder of Ujjo, Lauren D’Souza, thought it was a crazy idea when her friends first dared her to try it, but she’s an adventurous eater and agreed. And it sucked. But she liked the idea of adding spice in her coffee, so she went on a mission to bring Ujjo into existence. After 70 tries in the kitchen, Lauren perfected the recipe. 

Ujjo, the word for “fire” in Konkani, is an homage to Lauren’s dad, an Indian immigrant who instilled a fire in her palate and her heart from the very beginning. Gone are the vinegar and garlic that are commonplace in most hot sauces, and in their place are a blend of warming spices reminiscent of “mulled cider or Grandma’s pumpkin pie.” Think cozy things like vanilla extract, allspice, and cinnamon. And of course that little extra tingly heat. It even comes in two different flavors, dark roast and light roast, depending on your preferred coffee type.

Go ahead, throw some lava in your java. We dare you.

Ingredients: Water sweetener blend (erythritol, brown sugar, molasses, brown rice syrup (brown rice, water)), ground chili peppers, lemon juice, spices, xanthan gum, salt, cocoa, sodium bisulfate

Female Founded. BIPOC Founded. AAPI Founded. 

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