SEA MONSTERS Baked Sourgum and Seaweed Puffs Vegan Ranch


In Korean households, seaweed is a staple, and founder John Lee wanted to find a way to add seaweed to everyday snacking. And so, Sea Monsters was born. This crunch,  zesty ranch organic seaweed puff will keep your hand coming back for more.

Puffs: (Organic Sorghum, Organic Seaweed) Organic sunflower oil, vegan ranch seasoning: organic maltodextrin, organic tapioca solids, sea salt, organic raw sugar cane, organic onion powder, organic flavor,  organic garlic powder, organic spices, organic baker’s yeats extract, organic tomato powder, organic white distilled vinegar, citric acid, lactic acid)

Organic. Gluten Free. Vegan. Earth Friendly. BIPOC Founded. AAPI Founded.

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