Confetti Snacks - Green Curry - 2.46 oz


The Veggie Chips You will NOT PUT DOWN!

Founded in Singapore, Confetti Snacks believes in handcrafting veggies into nutrient dense chips (with none of the junk), that taste better and are better for you than those store bought big brands you see on today’s grocery shelves. They use upcycled ‘ugly’ veggies for their chips - when vegetables are grown, only the perfectly shaped ones get chosen to sell, leaving behind a selection of delectable outcasts. They may have unusual shapes, but we assure you, they deliver on a powerhouse of taste and nutrients.

Confetti doesn’t believe that eating veggies has to be boring. They’re crunchy, incredibly flavorful, and the brand donates a portion of their nutrient dense snacks to end hunger and malnutrition by working with global humanitarian missions to distribute snacks in the poorest parts of the world. So you can snack healthy, deliciously, and help save the world. A triple threat.

Ingredients (Green Curry): Premium Shiitake Mushroom, Green Curry Seasoning, Natural Spice Mix (curry, onion, garlic, chilli), Rice Bran oil, Maltose, Sea Salt

Gluten Free. Vegan. AAPI Founded. Female Founded. 

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