Cold-brewed herbal tea with a sparkling twist and a touch of raw honey. Using real organic leaves and flowers renowned in herbal traditions and backed by modern science, the mission is to support good health. Trust us, Calm will create pockets of centered calm and take the edge off and Revive will keep you grinding.

Calm Ingredients: (Organic*, Non-GMO**) Purified Water, Chamomile flowers*, Lemon balm leaves*, Passionflower*, Lemongrass*, Butterfly Pea flowers*, Raw honey** Erythritol**, Monkfruit**, Citric Acid**.

Revive Ingredients: (Organic*, Non-GMO**) Purified Water, Hibiscus Flowers*, Moringa Leaves*,  Lemongrass*, Peppermint Leaves*, Raw Honey**, Erythritol**, Monkfruit**, Citric Acid**.

Organic. Gluten-Free. Female Founded. BIPOC Founded. 


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